Acrylic Bathtubs Clawfoot Soaking Tub Freestanding Bathtub Bath Tab Floor Standing Modern Hotel Corner Bath

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  • Model Number:JS-721
  • Applicable Occasion: Hotel、Lodging House、Family Bathroom
  • Size:1500*720*720/1555*720*740/1710*750*785/1710*750*790
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Style: Modern、Luxury

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Introducing the J-spato Ingot Freestanding Bathtub, adding luxury and modernity to any bathroom. Made of high-quality acrylic material, this bathtub enhances the overall aesthetics of your space with a sleek and sophisticated design. Available in four custom sizes, this tub is perfect for apartment hotel and home bathrooms. The unique bouncing water configuration and the curved design of the barrel spout add an extra touch of elegance to this already stunning bathtub.

J-spato bathtubs are not only pleasing to the eye, but also ensure safety and health. Using safe and healthy raw materials ensures that this bathtub is suitable for everyone, including children and people with sensitive skin. Plus, the supportive feet provide extra stability and safety while bathing. You can rest assured that the J-spato bathtub is a quality product that puts your safety and health first.

One of the most notable features of the J-spato bathtub is the ability to customize the overflow color independently. This allows you to personalize your tub to match the rest of your bathroom's decor. The ingot shape of the bathtub is not only unique and eye-catching, but also functional. The shape provides maximum comfort and relaxation when you are submerged in the water.  The modern yet luxurious style of the J-spato bathtub ensures that it will be a timeless addition to your bathroom for years to come.

All in all, the J-spato ingot-shaped freestanding bathtub is a top-of-the-line product that combines fashion and function. Using high-quality materials with a focus on safety and health, this bathtub is the perfect addition to any type of bathroom. The curvature of the cylinder mouth and the bouncing water configuration create a beautiful visual effect, while the supporting feet ensure safety and stability. Whether you want to add a touch of luxury to your aparthotel or create a relaxing ambiance in your home bathroom, the J-spato bathtub is the perfect choice.

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